Ratio Professional IT Support and Networking

Ratio has been founded in 1994 in Kraków

We provide a professional service for business clients:

  • Construction of wired LAN, structured cabling and fiber optics connections
  • Wireless network installations
  • Subcontracting of projects (both IT and structured cabling/WLAN)
  • Maintenance of existing solutions
  • Access control systems installations
  • On site support for Polish branches of our many forgein contractors, in Polish and English

Our engieniers are expirienced and skilled in:

  • Hardware: Servers, workstations, thin clients, network equipment, PABX, VoIP gateways
  • Software: Operating systems, ERP, WMS, DMS and other business oriented software

We are certified partner of:

  • Microsoft based solutions (MCSA)
  • Cisco network equipment (CCNA)
  • MikroTik network equipment (MTCNA)
  • Slican telecommunication platform



ul. Friedleina 4-6/122
30-009 Kraków

mobile: +48 605 09 47 41 Andrzej Pstrusiński
office: +48 12 632 74 10
e-mail:  biuro@ratio.pl